Grand-Agro LLC was registered in 23.01.2017 and started its activity in April 2017. Areas in use of the company are located in Gala, Turkan, Hovsan, Ramana, Zira, Shuvalan areas of Absheron Peninsula. The main activity of Grand-Agro LLC is gardening. Currently, the company is building olive and almond orchards in Absheron Peninsula. The company's future plans include the construction of an oil-producing plant, the construction of greenhouse systems in the Absheron Peninsula and the development of garden areas.

These are our main achievements:

1. 8 pumping stations were built in 2019

2. Modern drip-irrigation systems were built on 1707 hectares

3. In 2018, 14562 tons of almonds were planted on 37 hectares

4. In 2019, 446 550 olive trees and 6000 almond trees were planted on 527 hectares

5. The design work on the olive processing plant is already at the stage of completion

Benefits of olives

Olive is included in the nutrition of people since ancient times. In our era, long time ago, oil was being prepared and used as food. The ancient Greeks called Olive Oil "Pure Gold". Olive has a very rich chemical composition. There are irreplaceable omega-6 fatty acids, organic acids, proteins, food fibers, vitamins C, PP, E, A, K, B, beta-carotene, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, calcium, zinc and etc. Omega-6 fatty acids are useful for the cardiovascular system and brain.

Grand-Agro LLC starts construction of an olive processing plant

The commissioning of the olives processing complex, covering a total of 7.99 hectares, including 12.4 hectares of construction sites near the village of turkyan, was scheduled for 2021 and aimed to provide the population with high-quality olives and olive oil. The project of the olive processing plant will provide fundamental support for the implementation of waste processing, production of by-products, especially olive cosmetics, organic fertilizers, taking into account the principle of full coverage of the processing chain.

Grand-Agro LLC: a new stage in the development of Agriculture in Azerbaijan

Grand-Agro LLC aiming to ensure the development of agriculture in Azerbaijan and to meet the demand for quality olives in the region, was founded in 2017. In order to carry out large-scale planting on an area of about 3000 hectares given to the use of the company, the fields have been thoroughly cleaned from domestic and industrial waste, as well as from stones.